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Mariam Keshvari | Community Librarianship | Best Researcher Award

Assist Prof Dr Mariam Keshvari University of Isfahan, Iran

With a focus on “Community Information Services,” “Library Marketing,” and “Scientometrics,” she delves into the intricate realms of information dissemination and scholarly evaluation. As an educator, she imparts her expertise through courses on Scientometrics, Outreach Services of Libraries, Community Information Services, Reference Services, Evaluation of Scientific Materials, and Scientific Indexes and Abstracts, nurturing a generation of information professionals adept at navigating the evolving landscape of knowledge dissemination and utilization.


She is Mariam Keshvari, currently serving as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Knowledge and Information Science at the University of Isfahan. With a profound academic background, she obtained her Master’s degree in Knowledge and Information Science (KIS) from Shahid Chamran University in 2009, laying a solid foundation for her scholarly pursuits. Driven by a passion for advancing her field, she pursued further studies and successfully completed her Ph.D. in Knowledge and Information Science (KIS) from the same institution in 2019, showcasing her dedication to academic excellence and specialization in her chosen domain. As an Assistant Professor, she brings her extensive expertise and research acumen to the forefront, enriching the academic environment at the University of Isfahan. Her contributions extend beyond the classroom, encompassing research endeavors and scholarly publications that contribute to the advancement of Knowledge and Information Science, thereby shaping the future of the field. With a commitment to excellence in both teaching and research, she continues to inspire and mentor the next generation of scholars in the vibrant landscape of information science.

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She dedicated fourteen years of her career as a librarian in public libraries across Lorestan province, Iran, from 2008 to 2022. Throughout this extensive tenure, she fervently championed the cause of literacy and reading promotion, especially in underprivileged regions, with a particular emphasis on enriching the lives of children and teenagers. Her efforts transcended conventional library services as she actively engaged in community outreach initiatives to instill a love for reading among the youth. Her commitment to storytelling as a powerful tool for nurturing imagination and fostering empathy earned her recognition as the top storyteller at Iran’s inaugural storytelling festival hosted by the Public Libraries Institution in 2019. Additionally, in 2017, amidst the aftermath of devastating floods in certain areas of Iran, she exemplified her dedication to literacy by spearheading reading and storytelling campaigns aimed at providing solace and support to the affected children and teenagers. Her unwavering passion for promoting reading culture and her tireless endeavors in leveraging literature to uplift communities underscore her profound impact as a librarian and advocate for literacy in Iran’s public libraries.


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Mariam Keshvari | Community Librarianship | Best Researcher Award

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